214 lumens per watt makes the ISON Class Generation 3 LED High Bay an industry first. More importantly, it makes businesses money.

With industry leading performance, this third generation LED high bay has the power to illuminate hidden revenue streams, dramatically lower energy costs and boost a building’s bottom line.

As thought leaders in the industrial lighting space, we’re focused on more than just great lighting. We are advocates and champions of brilliant thinking and better business.

The 214 can make your bottom line look its best. Which is why the most brilliant minds in business are choosing Orion.

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A Brilliant Bottom Line

If your company net profit margin is 5%, you will need to sell an additional $3,164,800 to create
the same bottom line impact for your company.
*$158,240/.05 = $3,164,800

Star Performance

At 214 lumens per watt, the Orion HBIF3
LED High Bay is the highest performing
LED fixture in the industry.

Shine A Light On The Facts

The Orion HBIF3 consumes approximately 47% less energy than the average LED high-bay fixture and 77% less energy than legacy HID products.

A Brighter Outlook

No other LED lighting fixture in the industry has a lower ten year cost of ownership than the third
generation Orion ISON™ Class High Bay.

*Based on industry average LED high bay fixture at 21000 lumens

**HBIF3C1 fixture at 106 watts (21,000 lumens)
versus a 400 watt HID averaging 458 watts