Change Racing Buys more speed with LED Lighting

Retrofit project will reduce utility costs and allow additional investment in winning races

Every company is focused on getting their next victory, whether that is capturing a checkered flag or delivering the next profitable quarter. Yet sometimes in this pursuit companies can miss ways to win because they are not readily apparent. One opportunity that may be missed is reducing their utility bill by upgrading their existing lighting system to Orion’s LED lighting and control solutions.

Recently Change Racing upgraded their Concord, North Carolina facility to Orion’s industry-leading products, which will reduce their Duke Energy electric bill by over $17,000 per year. This is money the racing team expects to pour back into meeting its goal of winning more races. As team owner, Robby Benton explained, “In a sport where money buys speed, we can divert the energy savings from our lighting retrofit to other areas that will increase our performance on the track.”

Change Racing replaced all of the HID high bay fixtures in their facility with Orion’s APOLLO® LED High Bay (HBAC2) fixtures and ambient motion controls to ensure that the lights only operate when a space in the facility is occupied. In addition, they replaced all of their fluorescent office fixtures with Orion’s HARRIS LDR® LED Troffer Retrofit Edge (LDRE) fixture which allowed them to significantly reduce their office consumption without having to disrupt their office activates or disturb their facility’s ceiling. They were able to replace their T12 task lighting units with a variety of Orion’s LED task lighting solutions, including Orion’s APOLLO® LED Tubes, Strip Retrofit (OLSR) and Suspended Ceiling Fixtures (SPTS1), and HARRIS LED Strip Retrofit (SFHR) fixtures. Finally, Change Racing installed Orion’s solar Light Pipes to maximize the amount of ambient light they can use to illuminate their facility.

In total, this project will reduce Change Racing’s electricity demand by over 40 kilowatt (kW) per year, and their energy consumption by over 175,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year. To put this in perspective, that is enough energy to power thirteen (13) homes in North Carolina, or displace almost 100 tons of carbon dioxide emissions associated with local electricity generation. The environmental impact of the project was another important reason to do the project according to team owner, Robby Benton. “We race for awards on a regular basis, but this particular project shines the spotlight on a different contest – our responsibility to help ensure a better environment for the future.”

Orion was proud to partner with Change Racing to deliver industry leading performance to their facility while reducing their energy consumption and environmental footprint. “The project is another example of the impact a lighting retrofit project can have,” said Orion’s Chief Executive Officer John Scribante. “Companies across the board are recognizing that their lighting systems can be a solution to business and environmental challenges from revenue generation to reducing greenhouse gases. It is our privilege to recognize Change Racing for leading environmental stewardship in the racing industry and their community.”

So whether you’re trying to go from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds or building a widget, let your team focus on what they do best and let Orion focus on delivering your facility cleaner, better light and significantly reduced energy costs. To learn more, contact your Orion authorized agent.

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