Colby Metals Sheds Light on Additional Energy Savings

Colby with Orion's APOLLO® LED High Bay HBAC2 fixture.As a supplier of Orion Energy Systems, Colby Metals had a chance to see Orion’s APOLLO® LED High Bays up close and personal in our Manitowoc facility, and the company determined that their existing lighting was not meeting their production and quality requirements and needed to be upgraded. As Mark Viegut, Colby’s owner explained, “before Orion our metal manufacturing plant was poorly lit and seemed dull, and now it is radiant with a crisp and invigorating appearance.” Colby also recognized that the benefits of upgrading their high bay fixtures to Orion’s APOLLO® LED High Bays cannot be simply measured by project payback. As Viegut explained, “our decision was based on more than just payback. It was also about the other benefits of the project, like improved quality, productivity and employee morale that helped us choose Orion.” In the end, retrofitting their Colby, Wisconsin facility allowed Colby Metals to capture all of the ancillary benefits with a system that reduced their lighting load by 20% and allowed them to remove a significant number of fixtures from their facility.

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