Interview: Brianna Bruckner, Technical Marketing – Technical Writer

Location: Manitowoc | Member since: 2012

QWhat do you do at Orion?

AI don’t look at my job as a title or job description,  but more as the daily actions that I take to help out whichever division or member that needs it. I interact with every department to refine our processes and ultimately refine what we deliver to our customer.

QWhat do you love about Orion?

AI love that we are all a family here. You can speak with anyone, there is no segmentation and the interaction of the organizational matrix on a flat playing field is refreshing. We really are flat. If I wanted to have a discussion with someone in executive management, I can walk over to their desk and do so.

QWhy is working at Orion not just a job?

AWorking at Orion is more than just a job because every day is different; you’re not sure what exactly will happen or what you could be pulled in to work on. We are never bored here. Out of all our promises, there is one that is unspoken-that you are bound to earn something new at Orion which promotes constantly improving yourself. The possibilities and opportunities here are endless, I myself have had a handful of roles in many different areas in my time here. I’m not sure you would get that opportunity at every company.

QWhat is your favorite Orion promise, and why?

A“A prompt response to your inquiry, no later than sundown the day you contacted us.” This promise promotes internal communication and collaboration. It positively influences the business both internally and externally. This promise holds us accountable to build a reliable, responsive relationship with our customers and members.

QWhat do you wish everyone knew about Orion?

AI really wish people knew how much money our products can save them. Doing a lighting project not only saves you money, but it saves the planet too. Each project Orion completes decreases how many fossil fuels are used to generate that energy and effectively extends the lifetime of our planet’s unsustainable resources.

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