Interview: Ahmed “Eddie” Abulela, Manufacturing

Ahmed AbulelaLocation: Manitowoc | Member since: 2010

QWhat do you do at Orion?

AI’m a Water Spider. I’m in charge of making sure that my lines have all the correct materials needed for production. I also make sure that each station within the line is operating correctly and thus ensure that whole line is working smoothly. My experience has helped me transition in between lines and roles quickly.

QWhat do you love about Orion?

AThe system and the atmosphere. I think the system, or how we work here, is better than that at most other companies. The plant is clean and the work atmosphere is good, because the good things that you do get remembered and recognized. We have a good leadership team in place that not only values the members by listening and understanding the problems and challenges of the job but also encourages them. I love the ambition of the company and very much want us to be a global competitor.

QWhy is working at Orion not just a job?

ABecause we Prepare to Win. I come to work every day ready to win, at Orion when you work hard and you work smart you make your wins. Every day I think about the value of my work-when I go to work I know that I am getting paid for my time so it becomes a simple question “Am I giving Orion what they are giving me?” When I make my wins, I win the day, when I win the day Orion wins the day, which means my family wins the day.

QWhat is your favorite Orion promise, and why?

A“A full commitment to continuous improvement to achieve an exceptional customer experience,” because we are always striving to make our orders 100% right and meet our timing goals. It is important to do this not only for the customer but for us as well because as we continue to do this we will continue to generate and increase our customer loyalty. As our customer loyalty increases, so does Orion.

QWhat do you wish everyone knew about Orion?

AHow hard we (the members) work for the company and how that hard work gets rewarded. If you invest in Orion, Orion invests in you. Orion treats its members like a family, they respect us and treat us well.

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