Buy with confidence

Buy with confidence. Energy savings – guaranteed.

Everyone’s talking about upgrading to LED. But does it REALLY save you money? That depends who you buy from. Not all LED fixtures are made the same. Orion’s patented products are designed to optimize thermal and optical performance, so that they deliver the most light, while using the least amount of energy – saving you […]

Utility Bill Got You Down?

Utility Bill Got You Down?

Temperatures aren’t the only thing that has been rising this summer – your utility bill has been too! And chances are, like most facilities, lighting is the majority of your utility bill expense. But where do you start? Join us to discuss how you can leverage some of the company’s newest releases to maximize energy savings […]


Declare Your Energy Independence

The rapid evolution and improvement of LED technology is helping to free companies like yours from the cost vs. quality choices that you often face when addressing your lighting needs. Join Josh Kurtz, Senior Vice President of Sales at Orion, as he discusses how recent improvements in LED lighting technology and system performance can help […]


How to Optimize Your Public Sector Lighting Retrofit

Can you improve your building’s performance, reduce your electric bill and reduce maintenance costs without burdening the communities you serve? Yes, if you know how to determine your lighting requirements, choose the right partner and identifying the best financing options. E.W. Dovel, Orion’s Vice President of Public Sector Sales, will share common pitfalls and best […]


LED Lighting: Capabilities Today and Tomorrow 

LED technology is constantly evolving and LED fixtures are improving on an almost monthly basis. Choosing the right combination of fixtures, options, controls and performance – while identifying the right time to buy – can be a daunting proposition. E.W. Dovel, Orion Vice President of Sales, presents the key lighting issues facing facility managers and […]


How to Maximize Energy Savings with Your Lighting Retrofit

The reason you do lighting retrofit projects? To save money. Whether your project is driven by improving light levels or reducing energy consumption, there’s a lot at stake. Especially since the DOE estimates legacy lighting can account for up to 20% of your building’s energy usage. You’ll no doubt receive proposals that show energy savings, operating and […]

Maximize your rebate on your next LED lighting project

Maximizing rebates for your LED lighting upgrade

Did you know your utility may pay you to reduce your electric bill? It’s true. Many utilities will pay their customers incentives to upgrade to more energy efficient lighting. Orion can help you find these dollars and maximize your rebate potential with high-performance LED fixtures. Now is the time to act! Join Josh Kurtz, Senior […]


Meet the highest-performing high bay on the market.

Orion’s original high bays made waves back in 2001, installed in almost half of Fortune 500 industrial facilities. And now we’ve done it again. Our next generation of LED high bays gets you more light for less energy – save over $100,000 a year, and $1M+ in the next decade for the typical facility.* Join […]