Utility Bill Got You Down?

Utility Bill Got You Down?

Temperatures aren’t the only thing that has been rising this summer – your utility bill has been too! And chances are, like most facilities, lighting is the majority of your utility bill expense. But where do you start?

Join us to discuss how you can leverage some of the company’s newest releases to maximize energy savings and minimize operating costs, without sacrificing light output.

You will learn about:

  • How the company’s recent releases, designed with a modular, upgradeable platform, coupled with a 10 year warranty, Energy Savings Guarantee and quick ship times from an American factory save you in your retrofit project
  • Industry-leading LED High Bay and LED Troffer Retrofit product line innovations that increase modularity and upgradability, as well as provide more options to replace even the most challenging HID fixtures in a facility
  • A new line of Vapor Tight fixtures that are the highest-performing fixtures on the market
  • Expansions with numerous third party control providers, and how these systems will significantly impact facility savings
  • How Orion’s recently launched products performed compared to other options for your facility

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