December 2017 Product Enhancements

Orion is pleased to announce new products and options in several of our LED product families. We are excited to introduce the HARRIS High Lumen High Bay Patriot, as well as expanded lumen packages for the HARRIS High Bay Patriot SlimlineTM, APOLLO® High Lumen High Bay, and APOLLO® High Bay Plus. TVSS 10kA Surge Protection is now available on several fixtures.

These new products are built to order in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, and typically ship in ten days or less.

HARRIS LED Patriot High Lumen High Bay | HBHS1

The New HARRIS PATRIOT HBHS1 High Lumen is designed to exceed high bay illumination requirements for industrial, commercial, and retail applications. HBHS1 is ideal when seeking feature rich, value oriented energy savings and maintenance reduction solutions.

  • 32,000 to 41,000 Lumens
  • Up to 156 LPW
  • 4000K and 5000K
  • Various sensor and control options
  • 10kA Surge Protection
HBHS1 Patriot High Lumen Datasheet



The HARRIS Patriot Slimline provides a sleek new construction or retrofit solution over other entry level LED fixtures, linear fluorescent, or traditional HID systems. The low profile design offers energy savings, low maintenance, and modular plug-n-play control options for high and low bay settings in industrial, commercial, and retail applications.

  • 12,000 to 28,000 Lumens
  • Open & Aisle Illumination
  • Slim profile at 7 inches width and lightweight at 16 lbs or less.
  • End Mounted Sensors
  • New Lumen Packages: 22,000, 24,000, 28,000
  • New Option: 10kA Surge Protection
HBHS1 Patriot Slimline Datasheet


APOLLO® LED High Lumen High Bay | ALHB1

The APOLLO ALHB1 High Lumen High Bay is designed to replace 400w to 1,000w HID and T8/T12 fluorescent lighting systems. High lumen output delivers maximum energy savings, which leads to the lowest total cost of ownership for high bay illumination. An industry leader in meeting high bay illumination requirements for industrial, warehouse, manufacturing, commercial, wholesale, and retail applications.

  • 28,000 to 55,000 Lumens
  • Multiple Control Options
  • New Option: 4000K and 5000K
  • New Option: 10kA Surge Protection
ALHB1 High Lumen Datasheet


APOLLO® LED High High Bay Plus | ALHB1

The APOLLO ALHB1 Plus is designed to replace 175w to 400w HID and T8/ T12 fluorescent lighting systems and provides cost effective solutions for energy savings and reduced maintenance over traditional lighting systems. It is ideal for interior applications including retail, commercial, distribution and industrial facilities.

  • 13,000 to 22,000 Lumens
  • Multiple Control Options
  • New Option: 4000K and 5000K
  • New Option: 10kA Surge Protection
ALHB1 High Bay Plus Datasheet


10kA Surge Protection | TS

Specify and protect Orion products with 10kA surge protection option. Now available for the following fixtures:

  • ISON HBIF3, HBIF2, HBIF2 High Lumen
  • APOLLO ALHB1 High Lumen, HBAC3, HBAC2
  • HARRIS HBHS1, HBHS1 High Lumen, HBHC2


End Mounted Network Controls | OEMS1

Ideal for high bay, low bay and aisle applications looking to use wireless controls such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and retail applications

  • Plug & Play sensor after the fixture has been installed
  • No need to open fixture to touch electrical system
  • Remote Control Adjustment
  • Multiple wireless controls and sensor options
OEMS1 End Mounted, Network Controls Datasheet