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From award-winning product design to the most efficient LED fixture in the industry, the Orion name is synonymous with innovation and industry leading performance. Making our customers heroes in their organizations is embedded into every new product we build.  Whether it’s improving the healthcare environment, resisting impacts in a gymnasium, or being versatile enough to replace nearly any legacy fixture in a warehouse or retail business, Orion products will improve your facility’s performance and ultimately your bottom line, while delivering more energy savings than other products in the market.

ISON™ LED LDR® Modular Healthcare

US Patented  UL CLassified  UL Damp Rated  Buy American Act Compliant   DLC

ISON™ LED LDR® Modular Healthcare

Did you know that one change in your healthcare facility can improve patient care, increase staff productivity and reduce your operating and maintenance costs?

Your lighting system accounts for over 40% of the electricity you use and is likely not meeting the needs of your patients or your staff. By retrofitting with our ISON™ LDR® Modular Healthcare series, you can:

  • reduce the electricity you use for lighting by up to 80%,
  • reduce hospital acquired infections with Orion’s proprietary coating with antimicrobial properties,
  • improve patient care and comfort with fixtures that can be dimmed as needed, and
  • monitor energy consumption at the fixture level.

To learn more about how Orion’s ISON™ LED Healthcare series can help your business improve both patient care and your bottom line, click here.


APOLLO® LED Enclosed Wet Listed High Bay, Gen 2

APOLLO® LED Enclosed Wet Listed High Bay, Gen 2

UL LISTED   UL Wet Rated   Buy American Act Compliant

Does your facility require an enclosed fixture that is either wet listed or can withstand a high impact environment?

Whether on a farm, in a gym, manufacturing facility or warehouse, many companies have a need for a durable enclosed fixture. Orion’s second generation APOLLO® Class Wet Listed Enclosure series delivers industry leading energy savings with the fixture durability necessary for harsh environments. By retrofitting to our standard or bi-level Wet Listed series, you can:

  • capture industry leading performance with a fixture that delivers up to 143 lumens per watt,
  • reduce your energy consumption by over 60% versus an HID fixture and 30% versus a fluorescent high bay,
  • increase productivity with bi-level dimming for Long Day Lighting (LDL), and
  • withstand powerful impacts with wire guard accessories that are resistant up to IK10.

If you want to improve your facility’s light levels while significantly reducing your operating and maintenance costs, click here.


APOLLO® and HARRIS LED Multipurpose LinearAPOLLO® LED Multipurpose Linear and HARRIS LED Multipurpose Linear

UL LISTED UL Damp Rated  Buy American Act Compliant   DLC

Does your facility still have inefficient fluorescent low bay, task or strip fixtures that you would like to replace but you have not found an LED option that meets your facility’s performance requirements or configuration needs?

Orion’s new APOLLO® and HARRIS Class Multipurpose Linear series can help you address the unique needs of your facility. Designed to replace similar fluorescent fixtures, the Multipurpose Linear fixtures provide the best-in-class performance, versatility and installation flexibility you need to upgrade your facility’s fluorescent lighting system at a price point that meets your company’s purchasing requirements. By choosing Orion’s Multipurpose Linear series, you can:

  • reduce your electric consumption by over 60% on average,
  • save on labor costs with the simple suspended or surface mount installation and continuous-run option,
  • upgrade the areas of your facility that operate in harsh ambient temperatures (up to 55° C) with industry leading thermal performance, and
  • improve your overall facility light levels while reducing your energy consumption.

If you have a retail, classroom, commercial, warehouse or industrial facility still using linear fluorescent low-bays, strip fixtures, or task lights and want to significantly reduce your operating and maintenance costs by upgrading to LED, click here for APOLLO® LED Multipurpose Linear or click here for HARRIS LED Multipurpose Linear.