Performance, Control Compatibility and Ease of Installation: Pepsi Bottling Ventures Chooses Orion for Harrisburg, NC Project

Pepsi Bottling Ventures

The fixture market was changing so rapidly and there were a lot of people selling LEDs. We wanted to make sure we bought the right fixture.

“The fixture market was changing so rapidly and there were a lot of people selling LEDs. We wanted to make sure we bought the right fixture.” This is how Donnie Stepps, an engineer with Pepsi Bottling Ventures (PBV) explained what motivated their search for lighting for their new Harrisburg, North Carolina bottling facility. As a new construction project, PBV was focused on identifying products that delivered both energy-efficient performance and the best work environment for their employees. PBV selected Orion Energy Systems in part because of the two companies’ history of working together and Orion’s history of delivering high-performing, energy-efficient fixtures. Orion was also selected because its ISON™ LED High Bay Cold Environment fixtures were compatible with the control units and strategy that Pepsi elected to employ in their facility to help further reduce their energy consumption.

ISON™ LED High Bay Cold Environment LEDE

ISON™ LED High Bay Cold Environment

According to Pepsi Bottling Ventures, the lighting project has been a success. The Orion fixtures are meeting or exceeding the delivered foot-candle rates that PBV had estimated in their photometric models of the project. Thanks to Orion’s innovative modular power supplies and hanging hardware, the fixtures were quick and easy to install, according to PBV’s contractor. PBV’s employees have also been impressed by the increased quantity, quality and consistency of the light provided by the Orion fixtures, as compared to the system in their previous facility. Finally, the project has been well received by Pepsi Bottling Ventures management as Stepps explained. “When our managers leave their older facilities and step in this warehouse, they go ‘wow,’” Stepps explained. “When we explain the energy savings, they are really impressed. Not only does the system look good, it is also saving the facility money.”

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Pepsi Bottling Ventures

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