New LED lighting products were unveiled at the LIGHTFAIR® International Trade Show and Conference at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA. The industry leading products deliver significantly more energy savings than comparable products on the market and are designed to serve as a connected lighting platform that delivers business solutions beyond energy savings and lighting performance.

Business Solutions: Industrial Internet of Things Integration


The highest performing luminaire in its class, the APOLLO® High Bay consumes approximately 26% less energy than the average competitor’s LED fixture in the same luminaire category and 77% less energy than a legacy 400 watt HID fixture. If you’re buying a comparable product, you are paying too much on your electric bill for lighting.

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Foodservice LDRMG sell sheetISON™ LED LDR® Retrofit Modular Gourmet  |  LDRMG

The patented LDR® Modular Gourmet troffer delivers business solutions to the foodservice industry beyond energy savings and lighting performance. Designed to easily integrate with smart controls, this high-performance luminaire has the power to enhance your guest and staff experience when you set the stage with a variety of light levels and color temperatures. The troffers include Britex™, Orion’s proprietary white coating with antimicrobial properties that suppress the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew on the fixture in foodservice environments.

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Healthcare Brochure LDRMHISON™ LED LDR® Retrofit Modular Healthcare  |  LDRMH

Orion’s ISON™ LED Retrofit Modular Healthcare troffer is the industry’s only retrofit fixture that installs directly into the frame of your existing fluorescent light. Eliminating the disruption to the ceiling grid during installation eliminates the risk for infection from the dirt, debris and germs that may be hiding overhead. Finally, with its patent pending modular light engine, installing the Orion LED Retrofit Modular Healthcare troffer will help future proof your facility by allowing for easy, low cost lighting or control upgrades as new technologies emerge.

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APOLLO LED High Bay ALHB High Lumen and Plus ALHB1APOLLO® LED High Lumen High Bay | ALHB

APOLLO® LED High Bay Plus | ALHB

The newest addition to our APOLLO® suite, known for delivering industry leading energy savings and lowest total cost of ownership, the APOLLO® High Lumen High Bay and the APOLLO® High Bay Plus are designed to provide powerful high bay or low bay illumination for industrial, warehouse, manufacturing, commercial, wholesale, and retail applications. The aluminum powder coated frame enhances the efficacy of the LED chips, which perform better in cool environments. The APOLLO® High Lumen High Bay and High Bay Plus are designed to replace 400w to 1,000w HID and T8/T12 fluorescent lighting systems. To choose the luminaire that is best suited to your environment, see the specific lumen packages offered.

ALHB Plus ALHB High Lumen

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