HARRIS LED Strip Retrofit | SFHR1

SFHR tandem


  • Ideal for industrial, commercial, and retail applications
  • Fixture comes with installation tethers to hold cover, to allow for one-person installation
  • Available in both 3', 4', or 8' lengths
  • Contour, acrylic lens option provides glare diffusion in task application
  • End mounted sensor and battery back up options available
  • Voltage: 120-277v
  • Rated Life: 100,000 hours

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Use the table below to find a configuration of the HARRIS LED Strip Retrofit | SFHR1 that meets your needs to request more information or Contact Us to inquire about additional configurations not shown below.

Color Temp.
Lens Options
Fixture Size
SFHR14C1SDUNVFDXXNL8401,600 lm4000K (Neutral)No Lens4ft
SFHR14C1SDUNVFDXXCT8401,600 lm4000K (Neutral)Frosted Acrylic4ft
SFHR14C1SDUNVFDXXNL8501,600 lm5000K (Horizon Daylight)No Lens4ft
SFHR14C1SDUNVFDXXCT8501,600 lm5000K (Horizon Daylight)Frosted Acrylic4ft
SFHR14D1SDUNVFDXXNL8403,000 lm4000K (Neutral)No Lens4ft
SFHR14D1SDUNVFDXXCT8403,000 lm4000K (Neutral)Frosted Acrylic4ft
SFHR14D1SDUNVFDXXNL8503,000 lm5000K (Horizon Daylight)No Lens4ft
SFHR14D1SDUNVFDXXCT8503,000 lm5000K (Horizon Daylight)Frosted Acrylic4ft
SFHR14E1SDUNVFDXXNL8406,000 lm4000K (Neutral)No Lens4ft
SFHR14E1SDUNVFDXXCT8406,000 lm4000K (Neutral)Frosted Acrylic4ft
SFHR14E1SDUNVFDXXNL8506,000 lm5000K (Horizon Daylight)No Lens4ft
SFHR14E1SDUNVFDXXCT8506,000 lm5000K (Horizon Daylight)Frosted Acrylic4ft
SFHR18F1SDUNVFDXXNL8403,000 lm4000K (Neutral)No Lens8ft
SFHR18F1SDUNVFDXXCT8403,000 lm4000K (Neutral)Frosted Acrylic8ft
SFHR18F1SDUNVFDXXNL8503,000 lm5000K (Horizon Daylight)No Lens8ft
SFHR18F1SDUNVFDXXCT8503,000 lm5000K (Horizon Daylight)Frosted Acrylic8ft
SFHR18G1SDUNVFDXXNL8406,000 lm4000K (Neutral)No Lens8ft
SFHR18G1SDUNVFDXXCT8406,000 lm4000K (Neutral)Frosted Acrylic8ft
SFHR18G1SDUNVFDXXNL8506,000 lm5000K (Horizon Daylight)No Lens8ft
SFHR18G1SDUNVFDXXCT8506,000 lm5000K (Horizon Daylight)Frosted Acrylic8ft
SFHR18H1SDUNVFDXXNL8409,000 lm4000K (Neutral)No Lens8ft
SFHR18H1SDUNVFDXXCT8409,000 lm4000K (Neutral)Frosted Acrylic8ft
SFHR18H1SDUNVFDXXNL8509,000 lm5000K (Horizon Daylight)No Lens8ft
SFHR18H1SDUNVFDXXCT8509,000 lm5000K (Horizon Daylight)Frosted Acrylic8ft