Find our fixtures in over 1.8 billion square feet of facilities coast to coast.

“The lights look fantastic and it went very smoothly.”

“All the departments love the lighting.”

“I drove by there two times this week at night just to see the lights. They are 100 times better looking than what we took out.”

“Orion was able to prove their technology was delivering 37 percent more light than the other fixture we were considering – at the same power consumption.”

“We have had many positive comments concerning the new lighting.”


“I am impressed by the amount of light that reaches to the floor. With each fixture nearly 40 ft high there is no loss of lumens to the floor. These fixtures are easy to wire and hang and they have the plug on back for quick disconnect for future replacements or repairs. The motion sensor works well from 35 ft high.”

“The LDR troffer retrofit is like a night and day comparison. It’s so much brighter and softer on the eyes. People like what they’re seeing and have provided lots of good feedback. The LDR retrofit went so fast. I wasn’t expecting it to go that fast. There was hardly any disturbance. Our workflow wasn’t disrupted at all.”

“I wasn’t expecting anything close to what we saw. The culture was something you would expect to see at Google or Apple. It’s inspiring to see companies that think out of the box!”

“There are no cubes or offices at Orion, everyone sits next to each other so they can help customers, I am impressed by the commitment to customer service, they live it daily.”

“We’re very excited about our advanced lighting system. The lighting is a better look for ice rink business. Our old system would tend to yellow out the rink area, but this fluorescent lighting is much brighter and whiter. Both our hockey and figure skating customers are noticing. This investment has made our customers happier – and for once me too.”

“The new lighting is doing well. Illumination is good, as expected, and there have been no issues.”

“Thank you for your help. I sang praise to you and Orion over the past few weeks, letting everyone know how easy it is to do business with you guys.”

“This project was so big, saved so much money, that they already had the project paid back in energy savings in 5 months! They are very impressed with how fast the payback has been.”

“With (a payback of) just over one year, the city anticipates saving approximately $250,000 over the lifetime of the new lights. The project was very successful.”

“We are pleased to partner with Orion continue our commitment to reducing our energy consumption.”

“Feedback from the assembly techs on the floor was immediate and positive following the installation of our Orion lights. The new lighting has helped us improve the visual impact of our facility to employees and tour groups. I would recommend Orion lighting upgrades to other facilities.”

“We are very pleased with our new retrofit lighting from Innovative Facilities. The installation was completed very professionally and without any interruption to our production. Not only is the facility brighter, but it has created a safer and more pleasant work environment. We have seen a 13% reduction in energy consumption in the first two months.”

“We tested six different fixtures and the Orion fixture gave the most bang for the buck, including a large positive environmental impact.”

“It is nice that the guys on the floor don’t have to come to work in a dungeon. Even without windows in our facility, Orion’s lights make it bright and lively.”

“We are very pleased with the performance and savings provided by our new lighting system.”

“Our new lighting not only will save us on energy costs, but the furniture on our sales floor looks better than ever. In our warehouse, our employees are saying that it has never been easier to locate merchandise.”