Vac-Con Brightens Up with Orion

“Lots of people sell lights, but can you get me the light levels and energy savings I need and can you get them to me on time? I do my homework, and buy from the guys who give me the best value, and that’s not always the lowest price.” Bill Barnes, the Continuous Improvement Manager for the Florida-based Manufacturer, Vac-Con, Inc. explained why he chose Orion Energy Systems for this most recent lighting retrofit project. Orion has been working with Vac-Con since 2006 and has retrofitted many of the facilities on the company’s 17-acre Green Cove Springs, FL campus. As explained in a recent case study on the project published by Orion Energy systems, Vac-Con faced a number of challenges common to manufacturers considering lighting upgrades, including:

  • A lighting system with multiple makes and models of fixtures and lamps;
  • Increasing maintenance, operating and compliance costs associated with their lighting system; and
  • Poor lighting conditions that were impacting worker performance and product quality.

Vac-Con partnered with Orion to replace their existing High Intensity Discharge and Fluorescent High Bay fixtures with Orion’s ISON™ LED Open High Bay and ISON™ LED High Bay Cold Environment fixtures. The project has increased Vac-Con’s facility light levels by nearly 50% while reducing electricity demand by over 45%. As seen in the project pictures, the better lighting has allowed workers to see better, work more effectively and identify errors sooner, all of which is making the facility more productive. As Barnes put it, “lighting is not a sexy subject but it hits bottom line costs. Good quality light improves people’s attitudes and how they approach work in a well-lit space. There is nobody who doesn’t like the Orion lighting.”

When asked why Vac-Con has continued to choose Orion from the sea of LED lighting providers, Barnes explained the companies’ ten-year working relationship as follows. “We return to Orion because of what they have taught us about lighting, because they are subject matter experts and they are always there to support us.”

If you are interested in learning more about how Orion can help you lower the operating and maintenance costs of your lighting system and help improve your facility’s productivity, please contact us to schedule a site consultation for your facility.

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