Webinar On Demand: Meet the Highest-performing High Bays on the Market

Orion High Bay suite - the highest performing high bays in the market

Orion’s original high bays made waves back in 2001, installed in almost half of Fortune 500 industrial facilities.

And now we’ve done it again! Our next generation of LED high bays gets you more light for less energy – save over $100,000 a year, and $1M+ in the next decade for a typical facility.*

Tune in to find out why Orion’s new generation of LED high bays could be the last high bay you ever buy:

  • What three design principles come together to yield the highest lumens per watt on the market?
  • Since less wattage means you save more money, how much can these high bays cut your utility bill? And maximize your rebate potential?
  • How does modular design create a future-proof fixture that saves you time and money, today and tomorrow?

* In the typical 500-fixture facility, operating at 6000 hours and a utility rate of $0.11, that’s $115,550 saved in a year, or $1.15 million in the next decade.

+ Contact your Orion rep for details about our Energy Savings Guarantee.

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