Light Years Ahead™

Trusted American partner

  • Clear warranties with excellent coverage
  • Quality manufacturing base with domestic and international partners
  • 40 years retrofit experience

Better light quality for less

  • Directed light through optical efficiency, no waste
  • Few fixtures, more foot candles
  • Volumetric lighting without hotspots or shadows

Lower cost install

  • Plug and play design
  • Lower overall labor costs
  • Install more fixtures in less time

Less downtime, more uptime

  • Fixtures labeled to your facilities layout
  • Fully assembled and kitted fixtures
  • Fast and easy install
  • Packaged to fit through doors

Free up your cash flow

  • Multiple financing options
  • Rebate services
  • Avoid capital budget commitments

More profitability

  • Energy savings that takes the cost out of your building
  • HVAC load reduction
  • Increase safety, productivity and morale

Real world performance

  • More lumens per watt
  • Every fixture tested before shipment
  • Long LED lifetime via superior thermal management
  • Patented, high performance design
  • Multiple certifications and qualifications including UL, ETL, DLC Qualified, Dark Sky Friendly and more

On-time projects

  • Quick ship, 5-10 days
  • Overnight shipment of additional materials

Expert accountable advice

  • Free energy audit
  • Retrofit plan of action to exceed your goals
  • Comparative fixture hang
  • Performance, evaluation and validation tools


Lowest total cost of ownership

  • Modular, future-proof design
  • Little to no maintenance
  • No costly relamping
  • Energy efficiency without compromise

Be the hero

Same-day response

One stop shopping

  • Diverse portfolio of trusted fixtures
  • Retrofit fixtures for every commercial, industrial and exterior application

Clean jobsite management

  • Fixtures in trays
  • Packaging doubles for recycling
  • No need for a dumpster
  • Debris-free install