Superior Lighting, Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Helping our customers achieve sustainability goals by reducing their carbon footprint and digitizing their business — all while promoting environmentally and socially responsible practices. That’s Orion’s passion.

We provide the highest performing LED lighting while implementing cutting-edge technologies that drive bottom-line value and demonstrate efficacy. Bright, clean light. Lower energy costs. Quick-turn reliability.

How Do We Walk Our Talk?

We so fervently believe in sustainable energy that we implement efficient solutions in our own facilities to keep our bottom line and our environment thriving. That starts from the top and continues throughout the organization and in the work we do, imbuing the socially responsible values we follow directly into the services we provide for our partners and customers.

Orion recycled
of the materials used in our manufacturing process in 2021

We donated
LED retrofit fixtures to three Jacksonville-area hospitals during the pandemic

Women make up
of Orion’s workforce — 14% higher than the national average for manufacturing companies

Converting to Orion LED lights has helped customers reduce carbon dioxide emissions by
967,555 tons
from FY 18-22

We’re able to achieve these outcomes because we believe in cultivating a positive workplace that values our members and the communities we call home.



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Our Mission

Orion provides energy-efficient LED lighting systems and turnkey project implementation including installation and commissioning of fixtures, controls and IoT systems, as well as ongoing system maintenance and program management.

Through innovation, environmental consciousness, and socially responsible ideals, we’ve helped Fortune 500® companies all over North America reduce energy costs and improve their lighting, productivity, and safety.

Retrofit Experts

The functionality of day-to-day operations depends on quality lighting.

When lighting systems age out, lean on our expertise and best-in-class LED products for the retrofit upgrade you need. Trust our technology and our team to install and support a new system that works for you.

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