Philips EasySense


Retrofit, renovation, and new construction for schools, healthcare facilities, retail, and commercial buildings.



  • Per-fixture control and grouping to wireless switches, no gateway required
  • Auto-off/manual-on (vacancy sensing) and auto-off/partial-on
  • Common pre-sets; works out of the box
  • Easy to use Philips field apps for configuring, grouping and task tuning
  • Occupancy sharing—program peripheral fixtures to stay at task or background level if occupancy is detected elsewhere in the group
  • Scene setting—create presentation mode for a conference room (e.g., set light level low near the screen while keeping higher level in the back of the room)


  • Quick task tuning in the field to optimize light and power levels in fixture
  • Enables auto-off/manual-on and auto-off/ partial-on application
  • Cost-effective solution for energy-savings and code-compliancy strategies
  • Configuration and commissioning from the floor-no lift required
  • DLC qualification—Listed in the DLC
  • Qualified Products List (QPL) for networked lighting control (NLC) systems


  • EasySense SNH200, and SNS210 MC uses Zigbee for sensor to sensor communication
  • EasySense SNH200 Philips Field App uses IR Dongle for programming (Android version available)
  • EasySense SNS210 MC MasterConnect App uses Bluetooth for programming (Android and Apple iOS versions available)


Compliant with Title 20, Division 2


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