Illumination for Essential Medical Services

There’s no room for error when human health is on the line. Effective LED lighting is critical inside a hospital and other healthcare facilities. Count on Orion to keep healthcare workers and their patients comfortable and safe.

The Right Lighting for the Right Care

Medical facilities require lighting tempered precisely for each room. Crisp. Sterile. Under control. It’s all vital for a safe and distraction-free space for healthcare workers to perform.

Light the Way For:

Healthcare Workers

Surgery. Emergency care. Physical therapy. Such precise practices require lighting that’s effective and tuned to the appropriate levels for all situations — both inside and outside of every building


People can be under duress when they call on healthcare providers. Help calm the nerves and create a welcoming environment with lights adjustable for any setting.


Clearly marked exits and lit signage offer guidance to anyone visiting a hospital to see a loved one, better easing them into a sensitive situation.

UV Disinfection

UVC and 405nm light products sanitize indoor air and even clothing to kill off unwanted contaminants with ultraviolet light. Bring greater peace of mind with these multipurpose lights throughout any healthcare facility and promote better health and well-being.

Minimal Disruption, Lifetime Service

In the healthcare industry, every second counts. We appreciate the time sensitivity in any medical facility, so we’re in and out quickly for minimal disruption. When our lights are installed, there can be no debris. Making sure your patients and providers feel comfortable in a safe, clean environment is paramount.

Once installed, continue to rely on us for top-tier service and maintenance. Whether for a new private practice or a retrofit at an older hospital, Orion is there in a heartbeat.


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