Brighten Up Offices, Workstations & Conference Rooms

The right lighting can instantly set a workplace’s tone. With Orion’s best-in-class LED fixtures and controls, you can brighten the halls and offices for a productive atmosphere.

Complement Your Workers’ Bright Ideas

Better brainstorming. Engaging presentations. These and more are possible when the right lighting provides an encouraging environment.

Bring energy and life to your workplace with the lighting setup that’ll keep workers engaged and excited to shine.

How Offices Benefit from High-Quality Lighting


Set office employees up for success with lighting that keeps them alert and comfortable to confidently work through their to-do list.


74% of study respondents in Wisconsin reported happier employees directly linked to lighting and temperature controls.

Energy Savings

Fewer dollars spent on energy-wasting lights means more dollars to spend on what matters most. Most retrofit lighting projects transitioning from fluorescent to LED lighting result in more than 50% energy reduction and payback between 1-3 years!


Businesses can use their vibrant lighting and energy consciousness to promote a workplace that cares about the well-being of employees and the planet.


Efficiency and Control for a Better Bottom Line

If you aren’t using LED lights, chances are you’re wasting energy. Enjoy greater efficiency, a more sustainable future, and sensors and controls that put office lighting at your fingertips.

PureMotion™ UVC

Orion has options for troffers, strips, and tubes at varying lengths. We even have products that sterilize contaminated indoor air and release purified air in its place. Watch our video to learn more!

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