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The electric vehicle (EV) industry is growing at a rapid-fire pace. To meet increasing charging demands, property owners and utilities in both the public and private sectors are looking for quality solutions from established EV infrastructure experts — from project design and installation to ongoing maintenance — and reliable equipment.


Why Voltrek

Since 2010, Voltrek has been a trusted leader in the dynamic EV charging market, expertly delivering commercial infrastructure projects of varying scope, scale, and complexity. Two key factors motivate our EV charging specialists: complete customer satisfaction and superior results.

In addition, Voltrek is a value-added reseller of best-in-class EV supply equipment (EVSE) and charging station management software. We proudly partner with innovative and renowned companies such as ChargePoint, ABB and EV Connect.

Voltrek provides all the essentials to meet present and future EV charging demands — from robust products and comprehensive turnkey solutions to standalone assembly services, equipment upgrades, and much more. For customers from coast to coast, we’re here to power their entire journeys.

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Our Services

There’s no “one size fits all” method to installing commercial-grade EV charging stations. Using a collaborative approach, our knowledgeable team members work diligently to understand your unique project needs and develop appropriate strategies with outstanding results. These high-level services include:


Planning & Design

  • Site assessment, design, and engineering
  • Grant identification and assistance
  • Equipment and network selection
  • Planning and permitting
  • Usage policies and accessibility recommendations
  • Budgeting and cost analysis

Markets Served

We’re hard-pressed to find a market that doesn’t have a growing demand for EV charging. Our products and services are an ideal fit in most public and private sectors — including solutions for workplaces, fleets, public charging, and multi-dwelling units.

Voltrek frequently partners with customers such as:

  • Municipal & Government Entities
  • Private Property Developers & Managers
  • Utilities
  • Parking Operators and Parking Facility
  • Managers
  • Fueling & Convenience Retailers
  • Vehicle & Equipment Dealers
  • Construction Contractors

Our Key Partners

Find the Right EV Charging Fit

Vehicle electrification is accelerating globally, propelled by a variety of benefits including reduced environmental impacts and potential cost savings. For EV charging site hosts, it is essential to know what charging methods are available and how they can be tailored for specific needs and uses.

EV charging is divided into three tiers: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 (also known as DC Fast Charging). Charging speeds increase with each level, so you need to consider the type of charging speed that best meets your site’s goals and customer demands. Keep in mind that the actual rate of charging varies across different EV models, based on the vehicle’s technology.

Voltrek specializes in Level 2 and Level 3 solutions, which are ideal for both public and business uses. To optimize vehicle battery life, Level 2 is generally recommended for daily use and Level 3 for occasional fast charging.


Level 2

Charging Stations

Level 2 charging equipment is usually less complex to set up with existing electric infrastructure, making it a more affordable and practical option for many site hosts. Common examples of Level 2 applications are retail locations, parking facilities, universities, and workplaces.

  • Input Power: 208V or 240V AC / 32-80 amps 
  • Output Power AC: 7-19 kW
  • Charging Speed: 10-25 miles of charge/hour
  • Charging Time: 4-8 hours

Level 3

Charging Stations

Level 3 - also known as DC Fast Charging - equipment is more powerful and advanced, allowing for vehicles to recharge up to 15 times faster compared to Level 2 chargers. This level is ideal for the higher-demand charging required by electric fleets and emergency vehicles, as well as for quick stops along highways and other high-traffic routes.

  • Input Power: 208V or 480V AC / 40-200+ amps 
  • Output Power DC: 19-500+ kW
  • Charging Speed: 90-500+ miles of charge/hour
  • Charging Time: 20 minutes

Other Key Factors in Choosing Your Charging Station

When it comes to selecting charging stations, other important considerations include networking capabilities, which permit site hosts to monitor and control charging processes more easily, and flexible designs that allow for systems to be expanded or upgraded as needed. 

In addition, the power rating of EV chargers varies from level to level and brand to brand. The power capacity required for each host site depends on two key factors: the number of vehicles expected to charge, and the estimated amount of time for charging. 

Voltrek performs thorough due diligence to help you determine which EVSE solution best meets your current and future station operations needs.


Maximize Financial
Incentives with Voltrek

Voltrek excels at helping customers identify and secure financial incentives and rebates that are available for EV charging infrastructure. By leveraging these opportunities to offset equipment and/or installation costs, we help make customers’ projects more feasible and budget-friendly.

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