LED Lighting Controls

Leaving the lights on leads to wasted energy expenses. But you can combat such waste with innovative LED lighting control systems from Orion. From simplistic sensors to sophisticated IoT (Internet of Things) networks, wireless LED lighting controls put your entire facility at your command, allowing for better lighting optimization, productivity, and safety throughout the building.

Why Are Lighting Sensors Important?

You can practically see the dollars flushing down the drain when the lights are left on unnecessarily. Sensors and controls provide the ability to manage and optimize your lighting, drastically reducing energy waste. 

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The future is now. IoT refers to sophisticated networks set up to more efficiently manage your lights, appliances, and other applications. Lighting controls give you the opportunity to fully connect your facilities and command them from a distance.


How Lighting Controls Benefit You

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Available Platforms

We are proud to carry lighting and motion control products from the following reputable brands:

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