Make the Grade with Superior Lighting for Schools

Contribute to a positive learning environment and give students welcoming classrooms. Orion is committed to installing high-quality LED lighting in schools to provide a top-of-the-class experience.

Top-Tier Education Lighting: From Old Schoolhouses to New Colleges

Elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, universities. Whatever the educational institution, we install effective and efficient LED fixtures.

What’s more, smart lighting control systems and sensors allow for remote command of the lights throughout the building. That leads to a reduction in energy expenses, providing critical savings for schools. Convenience and energy conservation — all at the touch of a button.

How Students, Teachers & Others in Education Benefit

Student Achievement

Some studies link high-quality lighting with better performance in such areas as oral reading fluency and reading speed.

Top Teachers

Schools with a vibrant and clean lighting system offer a healthy working space that’s attractive to A+ educational talent.

Energy Savings

Higher light output from lower energy input: that’s something your science and math teachers alike will appreciate — and so will your budget. Most retrofit lighting projects transitioning from fluorescent to LED lighting result in more than 50% energy reduction and payback between 1-3 years!

Award-Winning Innovation with UVC Lighting

Indoor ventilation and air quality have gotten more attention lately, and in the education world, air quality is shown to affect how students learn. Orion proudly offers award-winning products such as PureMotion™ UVC, which sanitizes contaminated air and releases purified air for those in the area.

Let’s make a lighting plan that creates a comfortable and safe school, and an installation strategy that limits disruption. And we’ll stick around for extracurricular activities like maintenance and support even after we’ve completed the installation of your high-performance LED lights.

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