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Proper Lighting is Essential

It improves workplace safety and performance. Indoors and outdoors, Orion brings clarity with premium products that light the way.


Increased safety. Efficient operations. Improved morale. Commercial and industrial LED lighting products from Orion provide all this and more for employees and customers inside well-lit facilities. High bay or low bay fixtures, LED strip luminaires, or LED lamps — Orion has what your venue needs to run at peak performance.


Whether it’s a factory, an office, school, or other facility, exterior lighting is vital for safety. Count on Orion’s outdoor products, including area lights and parking garage lights, to keep critical outdoor areas safely illuminated.


If no one’s around or less light is needed in a space, why waste energy fully lighting it? An installed control solution with your LED lights lowers energy bills and can put the entire facility at your command with live data dashboards, insights, and complete lighting optimization.

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