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Chicagoland Laborers – Chicago Training FacilityChicago, IL

“The lights make more energy in the building. I get here early in the morning, often times before the sun comes up, and when you turn the lights on, they almost feel like sunlight.”

Richard Schumann Homer Street Administrator


APOLLO® LED LDR® Troffer Retrofit Contour | LDR L-Series 2×2, 2×4
Compact Modular High Bay | CM T8

The Chicagoland Laborers selected Sustainable Lighting Solutions (“SLS”) to design a lighting system upgrade that made their facility more engaging and reduced their operating costs.  SLS proposed replacing the facility’s existing T8 Troffers with Orion Lighting’s APOLLO® LED LDR® Troffer Retrofit Fixtures and their Metal Halide High Bays with Orion’s Compact Modular Fluorescent High Bay fixtures. The units are designed to significantly reduce the cost of operating and maintaining the training facility’s lighting system. The system was projected to save over 160,000 kWh, leading to over $17,000 per year in energy savings. The Union chose SLS and Orion’s product based on the success they had seen when SLS retrofitted their Carol Stream, IL facility. Additionally, SLS’s installation flexibility, provided in part by Orion’s quick shipping approach (two to three weeks) and product packaging for easy removal from trays that doubled as recycling containers, was also a key component in choosing to proceed with the project. In fact, as Schumann noted, “SLS’s installation team worked around the classrooms that were in use. Half the time we did not even know they were in the building.” Moreover, Orion’s APOLLO® LDR® products are the first patented LED troffer retrofit contained within the door frame and can be typically installed in under two minutes per fixture. These product features helped SLS’s team work quickly and be flexible in their installation, which allowed the Union to retrofit their facility without impacting their training schedule.