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Colby MetalColby, WI

“Before Orion, our Metal Manufacturing Plant was poorly lit and seemed dull, and now it is radiant with a crisp and invigorating appearance.”

Mark Viegut Vice-President/Owner Colby Metal
APOLLO® LED High Bay, Gen 2 | HBAC2


Working with Orion Lighting and their partner, Mueller Electric of Central Wisconsin, Colby Metal assessed their existing lighting system and hung a number of demo fixtures in their facility to conduct performance testing. Based on the test results and the projected energy savings to upgrade to an LED retrofit, Colby Metals selected Orion Lighting’s industry leading APOLLO® LED High Bay fixtures for their facility.

By replacing over one-hundred T5 and T8 fluorescent high bay fixtures, Colby Metal reduced their electrical demand by over 20 kW and their electricity consumption by over 60,000 kWh each year, all while increasing their light levels by over 30%. Due to the modularity of Orion’s products, Colby Metal reconfigured their lighting system to deliver light to where their employees needed it. They significantly reduced their reliance on task lighting. “We used to have tons of task lighting, but we removed piles of it because the light in the facility is now as clear as it can be,” said Kind. Removing task lighting represented almost 20% of the total demand reduction for the project.

Due to the ease of installation of the fixtures, Colby Metal was able to complete the project with limited disruption to the site. The entire facility was retrofitted over the course of two weekends. “We were surprised how quick the system went in,” said Mark Viegut, Vice-President and Owner of Colby Metals. The flexibility and ease of installation of Orion’s products allowed Colby Metal to retrofit their entire lighting system as one project rather than in phases as they had originally planned.

“Payback is just one slice of the pie. Our decision was based on more than just payback. It was also about the other benefits of the project, like improved quality, productivity and employee morale that helped us choose Orion.”

Mark Viegut Vice-President/Owner Colby Metal