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US ToyGrandview, MO

“We’re able to reduce maintenance costs by not having to replace bulbs, and free up those staff to address other priority jobs in our facility. Plus the cost savings in replacement lamps let us move capital toward other key projects.”

Seth Freiden Chief Executive Officer


APOLLO® LED LDR® Troffer Retrofit Contour | LDR L-Series 2×2, 2×4
Private: HARRIS LED Troffer Retrofit Contour | LDRA


To ensure that a new system would meet their performance needs, US Toy conducted a lighting test in their design room. This room, where they assemble company catalogs and other promotional material, features computer screens, web scanners and printers which required high quality light for the work conducted in the space.

BioStar Lighting recommended US Toy retrofit their facility with Orion LED Troffer Retrofit fixtures (LDR®) and motion controls. US Toy moved forward with the project due to the performance and unique installation features of the Orion LDR®, which allowed them to retrofit vs. replace their existing fixtures, making the project less expensive and providing a faster and cleaner installation.

The Orion LED LDR® Troffer Retrofit fixtures achieve more than 100 lumens per watt and are rated for a minimum of 125,000 operating hours. Since its inth in 2014, the Orion LDR® suite has created a new standard not only for design, performance, and energy efficiency, but also a breakthrough in the ease of installation in troffer retrofit from fluorescent to LED, which reduces overall costs. The industry’s first patented LED Troffer Retrofit suite reduces cost on the job site because it ships fully assembled, is adjustable to fit existing troffers, and typically installs in one to two minutes with no tools other than a ladder, compared to more than 10-minute installs for many competitive fixtures.


“(The project) also supports US Toy’s ongoing commitment to sustainability including retrofitting our factories with energy-efficient lighting, controls, solar, and increased use of recycled packaging.”

Seth Freiden, Chief Executive Officer