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VAC-CONGreen Cove Springs, FL

“Lighting is not a sexy subject, but it hits bottom line costs. Good quality lighting improves people’s attitudes and how they approach work in a well-lit space. There is nobody who doesn’t like the Orion lighting.”

Bill Barnes, Continuous Improvement Manager

“We have every kind of lighting that existed and from a facility management standpoint, we had to be able to fix every kind that existed. We needed to have the technical details and the on hand, ready spare lamps to make that possible. Those dollars were not well spent sitting on shelves as replacements.”

Bill Barnes, Continuous Improvement Manger


ISON™ LED Open High Bay | LED
ISON™ LED High Bay Cold Environment | LEDE
APOLLO® LED LDR® Troffer Retrofit Contour | LDR L-Series 2×2, 2×4

Over the last ten years, Vac-Con implemented higher efficiency interior fluorescent lighting fixtures from Orion to replace the mixture of sodium vapor and metal halide. The company found further improvement using inductive fluorescent fixtures provided by Orion to replace their aging metal halide exterior fixtures across the 17-acre campus. “We selected Orion because they are the subject matter experts in energy-efficient retrofit lighting, particularly in demanding environments. Together we engaged in assessing our power usage and the wide array of divergent lighting types in use at our facility,” said Bill Barnes, Six Sigma Black Belt and Continuous Improvement Manager at Vac-Con. “Orion helped us meet our energy reduction goals as we have incrementally engaged in continuous improvement projects by both standardizing our installed lighting types and in reducing our power footprint.”

In fact in many places, Vac-Con replaced previously installed Orion fluorescent technology with both LED High bay products in many of Vac-Con’s existing
manufacturing spaces.

When the company decided to move forward on a major new construction project last year, it again turned to Orion to provide the LED lighting for the 60,000 square foot expansion that would increase its production capacity by 15 percent. For the project, Vac-Con chose Orion’s High Bay products because they met Vac-Con’s performance, efficiency and construction timelines. “For this new construction project, we returned to Orion because they got us the light levels and energy efficiency we needed, and in the timeline we required. It’s about getting the best value, and Orion has always been there to support us,” said Barnes.

By simply turning off the power to the luminaire, internal teams can use quick attachments to easily switch out aisle illuminators and modular power packs for driver replacement.