When you install Orion’s LED lighting products, you are on your way to a guaranteed energy reduction in your facility. By installing a control solution that complements your lighting application, you can achieve:

  • Additional energy savings
  • Lower utility bills
  • Higher rebates
  • Valuable insight into facility operations

From motion control to the Internet of Things (IoT) and networked solutions, Orion partners with the most trusted control platforms to provide you with a portfolio of controls options for every application. To get a complete understanding of Orion’s IoT Turn Key solutions and capabilities, please use the links below:

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Application: State-of-the-art sensor and control system for all facilities including hospitals, schools, warehouse, industrial manufacturing, retail and more.


  • Facility Zone Control
  • Motion and Thermal (Temperature) sensing and mapping
  • Distinguishes between people and objects
  • Blue Tooth enabled
  • Multitasking abilities: motion, daylight harvesting, temperature
  • Cloud-based data storage and reporting
  • Control and monitor your lights, HVAC, and other mechanical systems all at your fingertips over the internet
  • Time-of-day scheduling and monitoring
  • Facilities space mapping
  • Asset tracking
  • Power monitoring of facility’s electrical equipment

Benefits: Automate, analyze, control and report environmental data to drive efficiency in your facility. Allows you to customize controls for a wide range of tasks. Full facility control solutions offer data collection and analysis to help make smarter decisions about energy consumption, utilization, asset tracking, maintenance requirements, and overall facility usage analysis.

Technology: Powerful, networked systems via design, commissioning and advanced training. Enlighted Advanced Sensors anchor seamlessly to existing fixtures to provide a secure system for reducing energy usage while increasing light level control.

Certifications: Compliant with Title 24 ASHRAE 90.1-2010

Enlighted Capabilities Overview Surface Mount sensor with BLE Spec Sheet Ruggedized Sensor Spec Sheet Fixture Mount Sensor Spec Sheet


Daintree Networks

Network wireless control

Application: Smart building control, sensing and IoT platform for lighting, HVAC, plug load and more. Ideal for warehouse and industrial spaces, banks, retail, office, education, healthcare, grocery facilities and parking garages.


  • Powerful energy-saving control strategies including scheduling, temperature, occupancy, daylighting, task tuning, lumen maintenance and load shedding
  • Reliable, secure, ZigBee wireless mesh network
  • Real-time, measurable information about usage to optimize operations
  • OpenADR integration
  • Simple and intuitive web-based user interface
  • Integrates with Building Management Systems (BMS) via BACnet

Benefits: Open-standards driven solution seamlessly works with an ecosystem of solutions that deliver maximum choice and innovation. ZigBee wireless technology reduces project expense, complication, and disruption. Scales easily to support thousands of devices across a distributed enterprise. Future-proof technology allows you to add more fixtures and sensors over time.

Technology: Wireless Area Controller (WAC). Secure ZigBee wireless mesh network. ControlScope software. Ecosystem of fixtures, devices and sensors.

Certifications: Compliant with Title 24, ASHRAE 90.1-2010

Wireless Sensor Spec Sheet Connected Lighting Module Spec Sheet



Bluetooth sensor controlled by smartphone or device

Application: Retrofit, renovation, and new construction for schools, task lighting, general warehouses, healthcare facilities, and offices.


  • Motion Sensing
  • Dimming 0-10v dim down to 10% or Bi-level settings
  • Day Light Photocell for Ambient Light detection

Benefits: Complements your Bluetooth Smart enabled PIR bi-level occupancy sensors by providing a simple user interface to configure the sensor’s settings beyond what the physical controls can offer, view real-time feedback from the sensor, and control your lighting. Individual and zonal control of fixtures within an occupied room.

Technology: Bluetooth wireless controls using an Apple or Android smart device.

Mobile Application Software User Guide Bluetooth Bi-Level Dimming PIR Sensor Spec Sheet

Magnum Energy Soutions

Wireless Communication Controls

Application: Magnum’s innovative OPUS intelligent “node” offering is the most flexible and scalable wireless lighting control solution on the market today. Whether advanced operation through standalone or integrated to BACnet, Magnum OPUS is appropriate for nearly any facility, including commercial office, schools, hospitality, healthcare, grocery, warehouse, manufacturing, retail and more.


  • No battery needed
  • Occupancy and LUX sensing in one
  • Individual fixture control, as well as, zoning and grouping
  • Power monitoring of each fixture
  • Utility grade metering of lighting circuits
  • Remotely configurable
  • Seamlessly BACnet compatible
  • IoT compatible

Benefits: Although configurable for advanced settings, the sensor is intelligently designed for plug and play applications. Magnum OPUS is flexible enough for both localized control, as well as, software-driven functionality using Magnum’s IoT gateway or BACnet integration using Magnum’s eBox gateway.  Automate, analyze, control and report environmental data to drive efficiency in your facility. Allows you to customize controls for a wide range of tasks. Full facility control solutions offer data collection and analysis to help make smarter decisions about energy consumption, utilization, asset tracking, maintenance requirements, and overall facility usage analysis.

Technology: Magnum’s EnOcean to BACnet gateway (Mx-EBOX) allows for seamless integration to any BACnet based building automation system. Light levels, occupancy status and data on the energy consumption of each fixture can be incorporated and utilized by the BAS.

Certifications: Compliant with IEC 62386-101:2014;
IEC 62386-103:2014; CE

Fixture Integrated Dali Lighting Control


Dimming Drivers

Application: Retrofit projects in commercial and retail facilities, schools, hospitals, convention centers, or other facilities with Lutron infrastructure.


  • Lutron dimming driver program that allows for LED retrofit to most existing Lutron dimming systems introduced in the last 40 years:
    • (FDHB) LDE1: Hi-lume 1% EcoSystem LED driver with Soft-on, Fade-to-Black dimming technology
    • (FDH2) LTEA2W: Hi-lume 1% 2-wire LED driver (120 V forward phase only)
    • (FDH5) LDE5: 5-Series EcoSystem LED driver

Benefits: Broad install base; existing Lutron customers can plug and play with other Lutron building systems.

Technology: Existing Lutron control systems originally used with the fluorescent product can be adapted to Orion LED retrofit solutions for additional energy reduction.

Lutron Capabilities Overview Lutron LDE5 Lutron LTEA2W Lutron LDE1 Lutron Vive Overview Lutron Vive Design Guide



Application: Retrofit, renovation, and new construction for schools, healthcare facilities, retail, and commercial buildings.


  • Per-fixture control and grouping to wireless switches, no gateway required
  • Auto-off/manual-on (vacancy sensing) and auto-off/partial-on
  • Common pre-sets; works out of the box
  • Easy to use Philips field apps for configuring, grouping and task tuning
  • Occupancy sharing—Program peripheral fixtures to stay at task or background level if occupancy is detected elsewhere in the group
  • Scene setting—Create presentation mode for a conference room (e.g., set light level low near the screen while keeping higher level in the back of the room)


  • Quick task tuning in the field to optimize light and power levels in fixture
  • Enables auto-off/manual-on and auto-off/ partial-on application
  • Cost-effective solution for energy-savings and code-compliancy strategies
  • Configuration and commissioning from the floor-no lift required
  • DLC qualification—Listed in the DLC Qualified Products List (QPL) for networked lighting control (NLC) systems

Technology: EasySense uses NFC or IR via intuitive Android-based Philips field apps.

Certifications: Compliant with Title 20, Division 2

Overview Brochure EASYSENSE App Users’ Manual EASYSENSE Fixture-mount Spec Sheet EASYSENSE end-mount Spec Sheet EASYSENSE Recommended Phone List IR DONGLE EASYSENSE User Guide V1 IR DONGLE EASYSENSE User Guide V2


Versatile sensors designed for installation inside the bottom of a light fixture body, to the outside of a fixture via a 1/2” knockout or to a pole. The sensor is ideal for areas such as parking facilities, gas stations, pedestrian pathways and warehouses. A choice of three lenses ensures complete coverage for mounting heights up to 40’.


  • Provides line voltage On/Off switching and 0-10VDC dimming control
  • Works with ballasts or LED drivers High and low modes fully adjustable from 0 to 10V
  • Time delay from 5 to 30 minutes
  • Optional cut off delay
  • Adjustable ramp up and fade down times
  • Optional daylighting setpoints feature automatic calibration, or permit manual adjustment
  • Smartphone application for FSP-3x1B sensors stores an unlimited number of sensor profiles for quick setup and adjustment of multiple sensors (download Sensor Configuration App)
  • Polycarbonate construction; flame retardant, UV resistant, impact resistant, recyclable


  • The FSP-2×1, FSP-2x1B, and FSP-3x1B sensors provide multi-level control based on motion and/or daylight contribution. They control 0-10 VDC LED drivers or dimming ballasts, as well as non-dimming ballasts and, with an FSP-Lx Lens, are rated for wet and cold locations.
  • Control parameters are adjustable via an IR Remote Control (FSP-2×1/2x1B) or an iOS or Android Sensor Configuration App (FSP-3x1B) capable of storing and transmitting sensor profiles.

Passive Infrared (PIR) Occupancy Sensor. IR remote control available for FSP-2×1/2x1B sensor configuration. Bluetooth based iOS or Android sensor configuration app available for free to configure FSP-3x1B sensors.

UL244A and UL508; IP66 rated (when fully assembled and installed) for use in wet locations (FSP-2x1B and FSP-3x1B). This product meets the materials restrictions of RoHS.

FSP-2X1 Spec Sheet FSP-2X1B Spec Sheet FSP-3X1B Spec Sheet Comparison Guide 3X1B vs. 2X1B



IR-TEC sensors are ideal for areas such as parking facilities, gas stations, pedestrian pathways and warehouses. A choice of lenses ensures complete coverage for mounting heights up to 50’.


  • Omni-directional quad element infrared sensor
  • Digital data control ambient light sensor built-in
  • 2-way IR remote programmable sensor setting
  • Hybrid switching for controlling loads with HIC
  • SmartDIM or multi-level high/low dim control
  • Remote programmable SmartDIM level setting
  • Up to 30 ft of remote programmable range
  • Beeping or light flashing acknowledgement
  • Available with a variety of mounting options
  • Available with interchangeable lens options


  • The LRD type of the TRANS‑PIR sensor family are two‑way IR remote programmable line voltage switching occupancy sensors with 0‑10V output for dimmable ballast or LED driver control.
  • The sensor is capable of providing top‑notch energy efficient lighting control in multiple modes with fully programmable multi‑level high/low dim or SmartDIM continuous dimming control.
  • SmartDIM is a state-of-the-art automatic dimming control technology developed by IR-TEC, which is capable of maintaining the overall ambient light level within the preset range through a smooth, flawless continuous dimming control to the connected lighting.
  • Specific control mode and sensor setting can be configured via the SRP-280 remote sensor programmer (optional).
  • The LRD-509 series is available with various mounting options and interchangeable lenses.
  • The sensor is designed to operate in the coldest of environments, down to -40°F/°C.


Passive Infrared (PIR) Occupancy Sensor. SmartDIM dimming control.  IR remote control available for sensor configuration.


cULus Listed, CE Mark, Title 20/24 compliant.

LDR-509 Series Spec Sheet SRP-280 Sensor Remote User Manual


Application: Industrial and warehouse applications such as loading docks, production lines, aisle areas, or assembly areas.

Features: Patented Blaster™ function provides zone control during occupied times and eliminates distracting individual fixture cycling. The stand-alone device does not require additional wiring or centralized computer system management.

Benefits: Sensors detect both transient motion and sustained activity. Allows multiple fixtures to work together within a task or aisle zone identified.

Technology: Install a Dynamic Control Device (DCD) on the group of fixtures you want to control as a zone. Uses passive Infrared Motion sensor, with two pre-programmed microprocessors to detect and intelligently respond to either transient motion or sustained activity with a wireless transceiver.

Resources: Intelite Overview