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Network wireless control


Smart building control, sensing and IoT platform for lighting, HVAC, plug load and more. Ideal for warehouse and industrial spaces, banks, retail, office, education, healthcare, grocery facilities and parking garages.


  • Powerful energy-saving control strategies including scheduling, temperature, occupancy, daylighting, task tuning, lumen maintenance and load shedding
  • Reliable, secure, ZigBee wireless mesh network
  • Real-time, measurable information about usage to optimize operations
  • OpenADR integration
  • Simple and intuitive web-based user interface
  • Integrates with Building Management Systems (BMS) via BACnet


Open-standards driven solution seamlessly works with an ecosystem of solutions that deliver maximum choice and innovation. ZigBee wireless technology reduces project expense, complication, and disruption. Scales easily to support thousands of devices across a distributed enterprise. Future-proof technology allows you to add more fixtures and sensors over time.


Wireless Area Controller (WAC). Secure ZigBee wireless mesh network. ControlScope software. Ecosystem of fixtures, devices and sensors.


Compliant with Title 24, ASHRAE 90.1-2010


Wireless Sensor Spec Sheet Connected Lighting Module Spec Sheet