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Dimming Drivers


Retrofit projects in commercial and retail facilities, schools, hospitals, convention centers, or other facilities with Lutron infrastructure.


  • Lutron dimming driver program that allows for LED retrofit to most existing Lutron dimming systems introduced in the last 40 years:
  • (FDHB) LDE1: Hi-lume 1% EcoSystem LED driver with Soft-on, Fade-to-Black dimming technology
  • (FDH2) LTEA2W: Hi-lume 1% 2-wire LED driver (120 V forward phase only)
  • (FDH5) LDE5: 5-Series EcoSystem LED driver


Broad install base; existing Lutron customers can plug and play with other Lutron building systems.


Existing Lutron control systems originally used with the fluorescent product can be adapted to Orion LED retrofit solutions for additional energy reduction.


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