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Magnum’s innovative OPUS intelligent “node” offering is the most flexible and scalable wireless lighting control solution on the market today. Whether advanced operation through standalone or integrated to BACnet, Magnum OPUS is appropriate for nearly any facility, including commercial office, schools, hospitality, healthcare, grocery, warehouse, manufacturing, retail and more.


  • No battery needed
  • Occupancy and LUX sensing in one
  • Individual fixture control, as well as, zoning and grouping
  • Power monitoring of each fixture
  • Utility grade metering of lighting circuits
  • Remotely configurable
  • Seamlessly BACnet compatible
  • IoT compatible


Although configurable for advanced settings, the sensor is intelligently designed for plug and play applications. Magnum OPUS is flexible enough for both localized control, as well as, software-driven functionality using Magnum’s IoT gateway or BACnet integration using Magnum’s eBox gateway. Automate, analyze, control and report environmental data to drive efficiency in your facility. Allows you to customize controls for a wide range of tasks. Full facility control solutions offer data collection and analysis to help make smarter decisions about energy consumption, utilization, asset tracking, maintenance requirements, and overall facility usage analysis.


Magnum’s EnOcean to BACnet gateway (Mx-EBOX) allows for seamless integration to any BACnet based building automation system. Light levels, occupancy status and data on the energy consumption of each fixture can be incorporated and utilized by the BAS.


Compliant with:

  • IEC 62386-101:2014;
  • IEC 62386-103:2014; CE


Fixture Integrated DALI Lighting Control 1 or 2 Channel Switch (Zigbee)