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HARRIS Lumen Select Wall Pack Full Cutoff, Gen 1 | LSWF1 APOLLO® LED High Bay Harsh Applications, Gen 1 | AHHA1 HARRIS Lumen Select Wall Pack Semi-Cutoff, Gen 1 | LSWS1 HARRIS Lumen Select Strip Luminaire, Gen 1 | LSSL1 HARRIS Star Line Freezer High Bay | HSLF1 ISON™ PUREMOTION™ Light, Gen 1 | IPML1 ISON™ PUREMOTION™ Air, Gen 1 | IPMA1 ISON™ PUREMOTION™ UV-C, Gen 1 | IPMU1 HARRIS LED Semi-Cutoff Wall Pack, Gen 3 | WSLED3 HARRIS LED Architectural Flood Light, Gen 3 | FLGA3 HARRIS LED Lumen Select Strip Retrofit, Gen 1 | LSSR1 HARRIS LED Quick Access Strip, Gen 1 | HQAS1 ISON™ LED Area Light High Performance | IAHP1 HARRIS LED High Bay UFO, Gen 3 | HHUF3 HARRIS LED Surface Mount Troffer, Gen 2 | LSME2 HARRIS LED High Bay Star Line High Efficacy, Gen 1 | HHSL1 HE HARRIS LED High Bay Star Line, Gen 1 | HHSL1 ISON™ Linear LED High Bay Fixture, Gen 1 | LMAF1 HARRIS LED Troffer Retrofit S Series, Gen 2 | LDRES2 HARRIS LED Wet Rated Round High Bay, Gen 1 | WRRH1 ISON™ Linear LED Module Retrofit, Gen 1 | LMAR1 ISON™ Linear LED Streamline Retrofit, Gen 1 | LSAR1 HARRIS Lumen Select LED High Bay, Gen 1 | LSLH1 HARRIS LED LDR® Troffer Retrofit, Gen 2 | LDRE2 HARRIS LED UL Type B T5 Lamps | TLEDB5 HARRIS LED Area & Site Light, Gen 3 | ALLED3 HARRIS LED UL Type A T8 Lamps | TLEDA2 HARRIS LED Troffer, Gen 1 | LTHE1 HARRIS LED Garage Canopy Square, Gen 2 | CSLED2 HARRIS LED PATRIOT SLIMLINE™ High Bay | HBHS1 HARRIS LED UL Type B T8 Lamps | TLEDB APOLLO® LED High Bay, Gen 3 | HBAC3 HARRIS LED High Bay, Gen 2 | HBHC2 APOLLO® LED Enclosed Wet Listed High Bay, Gen 2 | WTLED2 HARRIS LED MULTIPURPOSE LINEAR | MPHL1 ISON™ LED LDR® Modular Healthcare| LDRMH1 APOLLO® LED VaporTight Narrow Body NSF/ANSI Standard 2 Certified, Gen 1 | VTON1 APOLLO® LED VaporTight Wide Body NSF/ANSI Standard 2 Certified, Gen 1 | VTOD1 HARRIS LED Strip Luminaire | SFHC1 HARRIS LED Strip Retrofit | SFHR1 ISON™ LED High Bay, Gen 3 | HBIF3 APOLLO® LED VaporTight Narrow Body, Gen 1 | VTON1 APOLLO® LED VaporTight Wide Body | VTOD1 APOLLO® LED Stairwell Fixture, Gen 1 | SWHU1 HARRIS LED Emergency Light | ELWUB HARRIS LED Emergency Lighting | ELRUB APOLLO® Solar Light Pipe | LP HARRIS LED Emergency Lighting | ELSUB HARRIS LED Exit Sign & Emergency Combination | ECRUB HARRIS LED Exit Signs & Emergency Combination | ECSUB HARRIS LED Exit Signs | EXLUB HARRIS LED Wet Location Exit Sign | EXFW1 APOLLO® LED Parking Garage | 4PG