Orion Operations - American Made Performance

On-Time Shipment

On-time to committed customer shipment date from Orion’s facility.

Lead Time to Shipment

Number of business days from customer order to shipment.

Order Quality Yield

“End-to-end” order quality throughout the life of the order which includes everything from order-entry to shipping.

Product Quality

Product defect rate including production defects and component failures upon installation.

At Orion, we understand the value of performance. From the highest performing LED high bay fixture in the world, to the two minute fixture install and the fastest lead times in the industry, performance is at the heart of our brand and drives everything we do including our U.S. based production operation. To meet the challenges of custom lighting system specifications, tight installation windows, and aggressive return-on-investment goals, our powerful production operation has the muscle to deliver tens of thousands of high performance lighting product configurations at the quality and quick-turn reliability you deserve.

But don’t just take our word for it, watch in real time as we deliver on our turnaround and shipment promises with transparency and see why you can count on Orion to be your ally in accountability.